"Dolce Far Niente"- Solo exhibition documentation

Dolce Far Niente, the sweetness of doing nothing

A Solo Exhibition

July 7-21, 2018

Lei Min Space Gallery

443 Lei Min Way,

Los Angeles, CA

Recently, I’ve been thinking about how memories and future goals are all illustrious and distorted illusions. This body of work aims to explore my own visions of reality that exist naturally around me or that I create. I want viewers to consider what their vision of peace appears as. The collective subconscious typically predetermines most sets of “good” morals and has given us a general definition of what we should strive for; But I would like to present the question: what would life look like, if we were to wake up in a world- surrounded by free love, removed from oppression, and rid of the capitalist monopoly on bodies of color. These moments of freedom, of “Dolce Far Niente”( the sweetness of doing nothing) are created in the moments where oppression can be momentarily invisible to us. Moments I wish to create and capture. The undervalued and fleeting nature of many lives of people of color inspired me to create works I hope to use to discuss the elusive quality of peace and the glory/misery of picturing and remembering life and death. Most especially, I would like viewers to acknowledge and develop self awareness surrounding their conceptions of privilege and oppression.


Level 2 of gallery

Level 2 was comprised of sculptural and installation based works. "What I'll make of us "( Left), 2018, is a installation comprised of photo, found objects, and personal items. "The family is all here", (Center), 2017 is a living room installation containing a distortion of the (2001) movie, Baby boy. "durag daydream" is a found object sculptural piece, containing a framed photo and found objects.