"Bedroom Mall" Installation


 “Bedroom Mall” Installation

By Messy

Bedroom Mall was a multi-room, immersive installation at Ghost Gallery, Los Angeles.

The installation was comprised of 9 rooms wherein each artist built their own rooms based on individual concepts.

Jheyda’s Room -
La habitación del curandero

This room was rooted around the idea of collective healing rooted in Mexican spirituality and shrine building. Curanderos are Shamanistic healers of these communities. I was inspired by reclamation and decolonization of spirituality. Identity and colonization have affected the ability for Black and Brown people to experience our inner consciousness without the influence of European religions. The creation of this installation used: personal photography, found objects, and sculptural creations.


The table

Gallery visitors were invited to write a poem, prayer, manifestation, etc in a notebook on the table.


Wall 1

This wall featured a reclaimed angel and personal photography framed to mimic photos in family homes.



A cabinet of oils used for spellwork and a reclaimed Jesus candle